4 Easy & Actionable Ways to Locate An Email Address

By kelly bowersUpdated on Jun 5, 2020

We’ve all been there – we know who we want to contact, but we just don’t have their email address.


It can be incredibly frustrating, not to say time consuming, trying to find the email address of someone you really must communicate with. In digital marketing the digital marketers it can adversely their company website traffic, conversion rates and customer satisfaction levels.


According to technology market research firm Radicati Group, Inc. there are over 3.8 billion unique worldwide email users – almost half the world’s population – making finding the correct email address akin to the proverbial needle and haystack.


However, help is on hand- for a price. There are a number of tools that can help you find email addresses. Here we identify four tools to help you find that elusive email address:

1.    Email Lookup Services

Email Lookup Services

Arguably the most convenient method of finding emails is via email discovery tools.

All you need do is to provide the person’s name as well as the name of the company website. The tool will then automatically get to work and within seconds, come up with the email that you are looking for. It’s that simple.

With a number of email lookup tools out there, it can get difficult to decide which one to choose. To help you, we have provided a list of the top 3 email lookup services, and here they are:

  • Find That Email
  • Hunter
  • eMail-Prospector Pro

According to Ahrefs, Find That Email and Hunter have a success rate of 81% whilst Email-Prospected Pro has a success rate of 80%. There is a catch, however. All three are paid services, with email-Prospected Pro being the most expensive.

2.    Email Permutators

Email Permutators

What pattern do most of the email addresses follow?


It’s no surprise that the name followed by @domain.com is usually the first choice of the email address of the majority of people. Some of the other common formats include the first name + last name, last name + first name, dots in between the name, and the use of initials.


Now, if you go about manually trying all the different possible variations, you will not only waste a lot of time, but you might also not get the correct email address.


This is where email permutators such as the email permutator spreadsheet by Rob Ousbey and Email Permutator+ from Metric Sparrow come in.


In fact, if you know the first name, last name, and the domain of the individual whose email address you want to find, you can pretty much find anyone’s email address, using the permutator.


What’s even better is that it creates a comprehensive list of all possible email IDs within seconds.


At this time, you should install the LinkedIn Sales Navigator extension as it will be a big help.


Then, head over to your Gmail account, click on ‘compose’ and paste the list of email IDs in the ‘To’ section. Move the cursor over each email. Gmail will identify if any of the email addresses exist, and likewise, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator will reveal if any of the email addresses have a LinkedIn profile associated with them.

3.    Twitter

Yes, you can definitely ask a person for their email address on Twitter, that is if you can find him or her. While you might feel awkward in asking, remember if a person has a public twitter account then they are open to communication. Just get your message out there.


Other than this, you can use Twitter’s advanced search option to find the email of your target person. Note that it is very common for people to replace the “@” and “.” with “at” and “dot” in their tweets. So, search for these words as well as email, reach, and even contact for the specific accounts of the people you need the emails for.  

4.    Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach

If you are looking to rank your website higher on Google, then you will very likely be deploying link-building as a part of your off-page search engine optimisation strategy.


A common ‘brick wall’ in this process is identifying and locating the movers and shakers – the bloggers and writers – that you need to reach out to from the myriad of organisations and media outlets in your sector.


There is an effective way of finding bulk email addresses to help you progress your outreach strategy.


Simply, use Ahref’s Content Explorer. Search for the topic you are interested in eg it could be topics that you want to be featured in or topics your competitors have successfully achieved back links for.


Context Explorer will then dig out all the essential information, including the author’s name. You can then use email lookup tools such as the ones mentioned above to identify the email addresses of the writers that you need to communicate with.


Using just one of the approaches described can deliver the desired results, however it is recommended that you combine two or more of the actionable procedures to dramatically improve your chances. Routinely cross validating your findings will inevitably lead to better outcomes.

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