Rezaid’s Story


In 2001, cardiac scientist turned technology entrepreneur, Dr Moneeb co-founded eSAY solutions Ltd an award-winning software outsourcing consultancy based in Manchester. For the first 10 years, eSAY developed bespoke software solutions for UK SMEs, achieving steady organic growth annually. In 2010, Moneeb invited a South African tech entrepreneur to invest in the company which led to the creation of WorkMobile; the world’s first mobile data capture service to run on mobile platforms and PCs.

The Problem

Globally, high-end IT skills have an ever-increasing demand which leads to inflated recruitment and wage costs, and consequently, an acknowledged skills gap. While there is a real and present danger to sustained innovation for UK SMEs, large businesses’ approach to tackling this problem has been to invest in global centers of technical excellence in lower wage economies, thereby embedding continuous innovation and quality into their products. This approach is clearly beyond reach for innovative UK SMEs. They are left with costly choices, such as recruiting temporary contract workers and junior staff, working with “partners”, working with technical companies which take a share in equity for their services etc.

For WorkMobile, originally based in Manchester, a limited and costly local talent pool was proving to be an obstacle to its growth. Not only were good software engineers difficult to attract, they were costly to retain. In 2014, after investigating different outsourcing and offshoring models for WorkMobile’s software development needs, Moneeb founded Rezaid Asia, a software house to specifically design, build and test WorkMobile’s technology platform, and established a long-term, long-distance bespoke software development service.

The Solution

After 3 years of perfecting its outsourcing model, Rezaid UK launched its bespoke development services under Rezaid Asia, so that these services can be utilised by high growth UK SMEs.

Rezaid UK and Rezaid Asia’s partnership is a cost-effective, multifaceted model that benefits its clients in several ways:

  • Speed of service- our innovative recruitment model enables us to begin new projects or scale existing ones quickly
  • Quality of service- our projects incorporate rigorous quality control through a multi-step software testing life cycle
  • Affordability- we transfer operational costs savings to our customers.
  • Ownership- our unique ownership model incorporates local accountability, IP protection and strict quality standards via contracting through Rezaid UK. Furthermore, by establishing this partnership, understanding of cultural differences is key, and is clearly communicated and maintained throughout the relationship.

Rezaid offers powerful, high quality and cost-effective bespoke software services to SMEs in UK.





Bespoke Software Design and Development.


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