Using Angular Technology for a Data Capture Application

Create, amend and publish flexible mobile forms with an award-winning mobile data capture service.


Data Gathering Solution

  • .Net Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • AngularJS
  • NodeJs
  • CouchDB

About The Client

Our client is an award-winning mobile data capture service provider that enables remote employees to capture essential business data on easy to create business forms. Compatible with both Android and iOS, the app offers a more accurate, compliant and efficient alternative to paper forms with information captured and shared in real-time. With the form securely stored on a cloud, information can be accessed by and shared with the relevant authorised personnel who have access to the cloud.

The Challenge

The challenge of editing existing records on the web interface and app posed a problem for users. Once a form was submitted by an employee, there was no functionality to ’rewind’ and edit the form, it was an all or nothing action. The process to change a submitted form was to delete it and start again. 2 options were considered to overcome the challenge:
  1. Add an update function on the web interface using .Net dependent code and add an update function in the Android/iOS app using the native app code.
  2. Use Angular functionality which will target multiple platforms simultaneously.

The Solution

Having considered both options, we implemented the more versatile Angular approach which diminished the need to write device dependent code for each platform. Instead, angular code was incorporated and any updates or changes made in the code were synchronised across all platforms. The angular interface extracts the data to be edited from the app and opens it on the browser, where the user may edit the details. Once the edits have been made, saving them on the browser will automatically change the information at the back-end with the help of relevant Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), synchronising the changes made on the browser and the information stored on the database.

The Result

Now with the change successfully tested and implemented, users on web and mobile can re-edit submitted forms with ease, and without having to re-start a new form from scratch. workmobile-angular-technology-desktop-laptop

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