Digital Prototyping for QSustain

We took QSustain’s existing spreadsheet based data collection and vehicle management system and using rapid, digital prototyping techniques, created high fidelity screen designs showing each operational step. Digital prototyping is a flexible, low cost and visually appealing step that allows SMEs to develop bespoke software solutions easily and affordably.



  • .Net Core
  • Xamarin
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Visio 2013

About QSustain

Established in 2013, QSustain is an award winning consultancy that offers sustainable solutions and strategic support to several industries and sectors. Headquartered in Manchester, the organisation devises strategies for site sustainability by assessing and optimising environmental performances of its clients. Other services include evaluating firms’ mechanical and electrical assets, and providing engineering expertise from feasibility studies to design and project management, through to implementation.

The Challenge

QSustain maintains a database of all the machinery and vehicles that arrive at sites where it operates. This information is recorded using Excel sheets by on-site personnel. Both the machinery and vehicle details have to be in compliance with rules and regulations set by the UK Government. For QSustain, compliance adherence is essential to ensuring sustainable environment by practising low carbon emissions. In order to streamline the process of on-site mobile data collection and reporting, Rezaid developed an end-to-end digital prototype of the two core components needed to develop QSustain’s ‘Compliance Solution’, namely the on-site collection, recording and compliance management of:
  • Machinery, and
  • Vehicles

The Prototype

The digital prototype gives a clear, visual representation of each screen and the process involved in navigating the solution, leading to a better understanding of what can be expected from the application BEFORE software development of the app starts. In the case of ‘machinery’ each engine’s details are entered into the relevant field of the prototype to check for SPG (Supplementary Planning Guidance) compliance which seeks to reduce dust emissions caused as a consequence of construction and demolition activities. For vehicles, vehicle registration numbers (VRN) are collected and managed. The prototype includes a visual demonstration of the application’s interaction with the government’s database. A pop-up message appears after the compliance checks are completed. If the application discovers non-compliance, a notification is automatically sent to the manager and the details are submitted and stored in the database. Data submission is not dependant on the status of compliance. An important feature of the prototype is inclusion of an option to create ad hoc reports that can be emailed directly from the application.

The Result

Creating rapid, digital prototypes prior to developing fully functional software applications is a highly cost effective and design-led process used for accurately, building innovative software products and services.

QSustain’s elegant prototype illustrates visually their Compliance App’s precise layout, look and feel.

Utilising the UK Design Council’s Double Diamond approach, this virtual, replica software model provides the product experience and management reports without incurring any of the software development costs. It can be used to accurately develop the App and/or to raise further seed funding

QSustain CEO, Azhar Quaiyoom commented:

"Rezaid produced high end, accurate screen designs that we could easily tweak further into a stunning prototype. In my experience anyone considering building an app or software product should speak to Rezaid first. Their approach quickly visualised our App’s product intricacies, saving me time and money."

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