Streamlining Horticulture Operations

A horticulture firm uses bespoke software by Rezaid to manage operational information and generate custom reports in a more controlled and cost-effective manner.


Service Sector

  • Microsoft SQL Server

Company Profile

The client is an award-winning horticulture and landscaping firm in the UK offering landscape maintenance, plant displays and winter-gritting services to the public and corporate sectors. It operates throughout the UK via a national network of offices and depots.

The Challenge

The company relied on a 3rd party service portal to manage its administrative operations electronically. This platform was limited in functionality, it was costly to manage and tedious to operate. Importantly, the firm’s clients had no access to the portal. The portal was deemed not fit for purpose and required replacing with a bespoke, affordable solution that allows flexible management of the company’s entire operations nationwide. Users’ ability to interact with the replacement solution- according to their job requirements- was included as an important new function.

The Solution

To overcome the challenge, we customized the old platform and increased its functionality and usability, leading to enhanced operations’ management. We designed a multi-user portal with administrator rights to the complete feature set. Hence, the administrator can use the ‘Admin Portal’ to create new users and assign them rights. Role-based security was implemented to make sure that the information beyond a user’s scope was not accessible. The following user profiles were incorporated, each of which could interact with the system:
  1. Administrator
  2. Office Administrator
  3. Region/Sites’ Manager
  4. Client
An important new feature introduced allowed the company’s clients access their data regarding their respective site visits. Now they can view their information on-line, as well as download PDF e-reports. Reports are generated by retrieving information from the main data gathering solution which is connected to the new portal.

The Result

The horticulture firm now owns valuable new intellectual property, and has complete control over its business operations which has delivered improved communication with its customers and reduced running costs.


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