Website Design and Development for an NGO

The Youth Charter, a UK-based NGO, addresses social issues such as educational non-attainment, health, inequality and anti-social behaviour among the youth, focusing its efforts on sustainable human development.

Working in close collaboration with the Youth Charter’s senior management, Rezaid designed and developed their new website, modernizing and rebranding its dated look and feel to a more modern, vibrant and intuitive website that delivers an informative user experience befitting a high-quality web interface.


Education, NGO

  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • MariaDB
  • Nginx
  • PHP 7
  • WordPress
  • Google Cloud

About the Client

The Youth Charter is a UK-based registered charity and United Nations accredited NGO which focuses on the creation and delivery of social and human legacy development programmes and projects. Using web-based interactive educational and research tools for enthusiastic individuals, the Youth Charter aims to provide a multitude of developmental opportunities through sports, arts, cultural and digital activities.

The Challenge

In order to deliver their service effectively, the Youth Charter needed an improved, stronger online presence. It needed to be in keeping with its hard won, and wide ranging respect established through working tirelessly for nearly 3 decades with young, vulnerable people nationally and internationally.

A good user experience is paramount in order to build trust, which not only leads to higher user acquisition, it also leads inevitably to enhanced user retention. The existing website was deemed to be an obstacle that hindered the progress of the organisation. Its interface lacked user-friendliness, the web design and layout lacked aesthetics, web navigation was difficult, design was non-responsive, and content management of the vast amount of data was required.

Furthermore, the website’s overall technical performance was poor. Amongst other things, it suffered from a high load time and lack of a secure connection. In short, the Youth Charter’s online presence needed a complete overhaul if the user experience was going to match the charity’s phenomenal service.

The Solution

Considering the doldrums the website was in, Rezaid re-built from scratch a new website rather than redesign the existing one.

Our web designers faced the challenge of taking the voluminous content from the old website and displaying it in a manner that would be clear, concise, consistent and attractive. The Youth Charter’s logo colours were used to build out a vibrant colour palette, which was incorporated throughout the entire website – introducing uniformity and seamlessness into the overall design. Modern UI and UX techniques were used to display text to improve navigation and engagement rates. Moreover, the design was made responsive using bootstrap 4, making it adaptable to any device or screen size which helps in increasing mobile traffic and lowering the bounce rate.

Rezaid used NGINX as the web server, CDN, SSL to make the website more secure, a market-leading WordPress CMS, and a web host powered by Google Cloud. The hosting site incorporates server level caching for a quick website load speed, PHP 7.3, and MariaDB for more storage engines and faster performance.

The end result proved fruitful as the Youth Charter’s new website has improved considerably in performance – with a low loading time, better navigation and layout, organised content management and overall a user-friendly interface.

The Result

“From design to development, the journey was educational and delivered with no time wastage within a challenging timeframe. Rezaid advised where required and worked with a professional attention to detail in order to bring the Youth Charter’s vision to life.

From the feedback we have already received, it is clear that we have successfully delivered our brand and agency repositioning across multiple platforms and technologies. Rezaid’s team works 24/7, is a delight to work with, always available and eager to please“.

“As we enter phase 2 of the relationship, the research based, target-led digital marketing phase, we are confident the results will continue to meet our expectations. I highly recommend working with Rezaid.” Geoff Thompson, MBE, FRSA, DL (Co-founder and Chair, The Youth Charter).

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