WorkMobile: Award-Winning Data Capture Service

Create, amend and publish flexible mobile forms with WorkMobile, an award-winning mobile data capture service, by eSAY Solutions.


Data Gathering Solution

  • Microsoft .Net Web Forms
  • JS
  • TS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • jQuery
  • NodeJs

About The Client

eSAY Solutions delivers an award-winning mobile data capture service, called WorkMobile. It provides businesses with a flexible application that allows users to create mobile forms relevant to a specific job at hand - including site inspections, retail audits and stock checks, employee time sheets, health and safety forms, and site surveys for all workers (any paper-based document). Using a digital form to capture the information for these essential documents reduces the risk of data being lost or incorrectly collected, enabling businesses to meet compliance requirements. This cloud-based app allows workers to capture data in real-time which can be accessed via users’ smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

The Challenge

Before working with Rezaid, WorkMobile experienced difficulties in recruiting the right IT professionals who remained within the budget, and who could be brought into the business in a timely fashion from the talent pool within the UK. The firm was looking for developers who possessed the skills and expertise required to utilise a wide range of Microsoft technologies and deliver quality assurance through automated testing. WorkMobile had to find a trusted offshore partner with a UK presence that provided the staff with good communication and technical skills. The business found Rezaid to be a perfect fit. The owners had already built a strong relationship with Rezaid’s founder, Dr Moneeb Awan, through his investment in eSAY. The challenge for Rezaid was to develop new features, investigate and report on areas of research and development, test prototypes and develop WorkMobile’s road-map.

Our Solution

eSAY Solutions now benefits from a stream of high quality, trusted technical resource that provides it with development expertise on a monthly basis. This also gives flexibility to scale resource requirements in order to meet the businesses’ changing demands. Usually, for growing SME’s, scaling-up staff resources can be costly. However, outsourcing to Rezaid significantly reduces the total cost of resource recruitment. So far, the relationship between eSAY and Rezaid has continued to strengthen and flourish, as eSAY has signed a rolling contract to carry this partnership forward.

The Result

“The team at Rezaid has opened the door to new technologies and alternative technical approaches, and we have found them to be flexible in their approach to knowledge transfer. One major plus point is that its staff frequently visits the UK to invest in the relationship with us – a feature that no other offshoring business seems to have – and they are able to build excellent professional relationships on many levels throughout the business. The work Rezaid has provided has inputted greatly into our technical roadmap and it continues to be an extremely valuable resource to us.” - Graham Stanley, co-founder of WorkMobile workmobile-devices

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