Operational Models

For ALL projects, our clients liaise directly with experienced team members, specifically assigned to take ownership for project management, quality control and technical leadership. Daily timesheet reports are provided for time and materials customers.

Fixed Price – Waterfall

Here we scope out the majority of the project requirements at the outset in order to provide a clearly costed, fixed-price project proposal including key delivery milestones and deliverables.  This approach is suitable for small and medium term projects and customarily follows the Waterfall Model for development.

Our bespoke software development projects are well scoped out and are priced accurately before the commencement of the software development. Targets and milestones are set with mutual agreement on the project plan. This results in minimal risk and little need for repeated customer interaction to proceed from one milestone to another.

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And because timescales usually do not extend beyond a couple of months, the client does not have to worry about the ever-changing team or technology landscape impacting delivery of the final product. However, it is important to acknowledge, agree and manage the small degrees of risk that may be present because, often, there are possibilities of identifying new details or requirements of the project during the development phase.

Time & Materials – Agile

Waterfall, an old sequential model of software development following pre-defined phases and minimal customer participation, has largely been replaced by the more responsive and flexible Agile process of software development which relies on customer participation throughout development.

Using Agile methodologies, quality control is achieved through software testing that is concurrent throughout the development. For these 2 reasons, i.e. improved communication and superior quality of product, we opt to follow Agile methodologies whenever possible.

Img Agile Scrum Methodology

For projects where many of the requirements are not clear to a satisfactory level of details required for the fixed price route from the beginning, the work falls into the time and materials option. Here, projects require a large degree of flexibility in team interactions, prototyping, customer input and adaptability for change (people and technology), and routinely follow the agile framework of software development.

This software development model is the correct option for projects that are longer in duration, scoped in broad detail, and require the results of experimentation, including research and development, to determine future steps.

Here, results gleaned from earlier work and client feedback are often key pre-requisites for planning future steps. Hence, the nature of the working relationship falls into short, focused conversations with the customer where Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Time-bound (SMART) tasks’ progress are reviewed quickly and collectively to ensure a thoroughly fair, engaged and optimal level of continuous service.





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