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So, what makes us different from other outsourcing companies? Well, first off, we ‘derisk’ risk – our charges are affordable, work is delivered quickly and we guarantee its completion to excellent standards. This means the management triangle ‘theory’ that has been embedded in business for a long time – which claims that you can only receive two of these benefits from a service but never all three at the same time – is no longer true.

Another thing that makes us stand out from rest is that we provide a market leading ‘in-shoring’ service. Our UK-Asia partnership overcomes the perceived negativity around offshoring because of our unique business model.

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Typically, offshoring is said to lack accountability between the two parties (the client and the offshore partner), with clients often struggling to communicate effectively with their supplier. However, by contracting with Rezaid UK, clients have real-time, local accountability and are protected by UK governing law, thereby securing their IP and minimising possible issues around trust, quality and speed of service. Partnership with Rezaid Asia enables genuine cost savings.


Our highly experienced team of software professionals possesses expert communication and cutting-edge IT skills. This means we are well placed to extend the in-house software development capabilities of your company or be your go-to software development solution.

In this fast-pace world – you’re looking to scale up, innovate and change the status quo. So, we take into account your needs, the technologies you use and, most importantly, your approach to business. As no two clients are same or have the same objectives, we aim to fit in with your way of doing things in an agile and efficient way. Plus, our ‘in-shoring’ style uniquely provides you with business contracts that are governed by UK law, helping to protect your IP.

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