Digital Prototyping

At Rezaid, we leave nothing to miss-interpretation. Our digital prototyping turns your app/software ideas into a complete working, visual representation of the final product, down to the most delicate details before software development starts. This ensures that the design is built to your exact specifications and eliminates the risk of errors down the line.

Why Prototyping

Design oversights might go unnoticed until the software is in use, after which it will be too late. This problem sends the whole project back to the drawing board, and subsequent cost of fixing these “gaps” can be severe.

Developers are often tempted to go straight to coding and see the project unfold. Even for relatively small projects, many gaps will result because of this approach, leading to issues that will have to be fixed later, leading to more cost, delays and inevitable frustration.

“Software development is not a cheap process, and it is crucial that it is done right the first time.”

Img PrototypeImg Prototype
See working prototype

Digital Prototyping involves customers and the suppliers to ‘walk together’, resulting in both the parties getting the peace of mind and confidence to embark successfully on to the software development phase.

To avoid gaps, unexpected costs, missing deadlines, and exceeding the budget, Rezaid utilises:

  1. Digital prototyping; a complete virtual model of your software, using leading-edge visual technologies
  2. Functional specifications used as a basis of agreement for the software build. Clearly documented functionalities, workflows and processes are provided as a blueprint. The software will then be built accordingly


“The developer often overlooks user-specific requirements during product design. Design prototyping eliminates this problem.”





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