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All successful businesses undergoing growth and development have an inevitable need for bespoke software applications and services to maintain and develop Intellectual Property. However, all too often the breadth and depth of software development services critical to preserving competitive edge are unavailable at the expertise level; especially in ‘scale up’ organisations.

Rezaid exists to help high growth businesses achieve challenging yet achievable targets through delivery of high quality, cost-effective bespoke software applications. We achieve this by applying industries best quality management, agile and DevOps practices. Our software development services cover a wide spectrum of technologies and industries.

“When it comes to developing innovative software, we relish the opportunity.”

Whether you need to streamline your process, increase your business efficiency, or are just looking for answers, our expert development team will assist you all the way, from initial planning to the creation of an intuitive and cost-effective software application/service.

We deploy Agile and Waterfall depending on the scope of the project. To know more about these methodologies, check out Operational Models.

“Bespoke software development that meets your precise needs.”

Our software development services

Coding standards

Each developer, like an artist, has a unique style. However, unlike artists, most developers’ work in multi-functional teams. Members add and edit codes their colleagues have written over extended periods of time, often years in duration.  We implement coding standards and guidelines for each programming language that cover programming styles, practices, and methods for every aspect of a software program written in that language. Because our development team follows a single agile coding standard (including everything from tabs vs. spaces and curly bracket placement to naming conventions for things like classes, methods, and interfaces), our clients’ programs work better, are easier to maintain, extend, refactor and reconcile integration conflicts. By structuring our approach to development in this way, it can result in reduced development costs for our clients.

  • Our code is readable and easily accessible to maintain. Thus, impact on delays to start new development is minimal

  • Identifying, prioritising and correcting bugs is a routine that is quick and easy to perform

  • Generic, modular code re-usability positively impacts development time and leads to lowered costs

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Quality Management

An essential part of application development is the quality of the work. Every possible interaction with the application is tested, while adhering to a pre-defined criteria. At Rezaid QUALITY is enshrined in our three core values. Our QA (quality assurance) processes have been developed from the ground up and our experienced QC (quality control) team implements the best possible practices during the whole development process.

Once your software is ready

  • The intellectual property rights belong to you. There is no license fee, the software we develop is yours

  • The software comes with 30 days free support

  • We offer additional Service Level Agreement  support options

  • Our intuitive, UI/UX centric, design helps you navigate with ease

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