Software Testing

With constant technological progress, the release of new products requires testing more thoroughly than ever. Rezaid champions the virtue of investing in quality assurance procedures and quality control testing. We provide an intensive software testing framework and state-of-the-art Quality Assurance techniques to make sure your software meets your needs and expectations.

“Rezaid’s testing team has improved our software quality immeasurably.”

Our service packages adapt according to your requirements and goals. Rezaid can extend your existing QA, incorporate specific sets of manual testing, or it can take over.

Quality Assurance Consulting

Undertaking QA is essential in mitigating risks that could potentially damage your project. Rezaid’s QA consists of exceptional people who are passionate about quality. Our QA team plans, documents and works to ensure the quality of your project. Rezaid clearly communicates potential risks and possible remedies with the teams involved in the project.

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Software testing services we provide

1. Test Planning and Management

The purpose is to align outsourcing resources with the client’s timeline and objectives while considering the budget constraints. Rezaid’s project manager keeps in check the outsourcing team’s performance and enables efficient communication between the local team and the outsourcing team.

Test Planning and Management

2. Manual Testing

Our manual software testers are experienced and trained professionals who provide informative and timely feedback about quality and readiness of the software under test. We offer our clients a different level of expertise to choose from based on their software requirements.

Services we provide in manual testing:

  • Test Planning, Execution and Reporting

  • Usability Testing

  • Installation Testing

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Error Handling Testing

  • Functional Testing

Manual Testing

3. Load and Performance Testing

The cost of remedy increases if detecting performance defects is delayed. Our Load and Performance testing ensures that your software meets the performance requirements. We check the software behavior under a set of tests to make sure there is no performance defect. This analysis helps you avoid bottlenecks in your software and ensure performance of your software is up-to-mark.

Services we provide in load and performance testing:

  • Designing Load and Performance Strategies

  • Load Testing

  • Stress Testing

  • Scalability Testing

  • Stability Testing

Load Performance Testing

Our software testing services are tailored specifically to the technology the software is using.





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