UI/UX Design

We all want products that are engaging and appealing. In order to achieve this, we must carefully consider aspects of UI/UX in the early stages of development. At Rezaid, we use the industry standard “Double Diamond” approach to design; a process created by the UK Design Council. With this holistic approach, we can create memorable user experiences.

Services we provide

New solutions

New solutions

Implementing UX/UI on new solutions

Existing solutions

Existing solutions

Implementing UX/UI on existing solutions

Benefits of implementing UI/UX Design

  • Prevents Usability Issues

  • Lowers Support Cost

  • Retains Customers

  • Reduces Development Time

  • Increases Conversion Rate

Simply put, User Interface (UI) refers to how things look and User Experience (UX) refers to how things work. We, at Rezaid, implement these two together.

Our Double Diamond Approach

Research – Discover – Diverge

We develop a holistic understanding of customer needs and expectations.

  • Information Gathering from Stakeholder(s)
  • Extensively Researching the Problem at Hand
  • Researching Buyer Personas.

Synthesise – Define – Converge

To make sense of all the findings we synthesise our research. A focused problem at hand is laid out with clear instructions of the design objectives.

  • UI and UX recommendations are laid out.
  • Tangible statements about what is to be done or solved using HMW are laid out
Double Diamond Discover Define

During the diverging phase, we dig deep into the task at hand and come up with ideas without limiting ourselves. In the converging phase we focus on narrowing down the ideas we gathered in the diverging phase to key findings only.

Double Diamond Ideation Prototyping

Ideate – Develop – Diverge

This phase allows us narrow down a list of ideas, after which we create prototypes and test them.

  • Developing different paper prototypes
  • Evaluating the paper prototypes via dot-voting (each team member votes on all ideas)

Implement – Deliver – Converge

Once we have shortlisted paper prototypes, we finalise the design using an agile approach consisting of three main steps:

  • Building
  • User testing (interactive mock-ups)
  • Iterating

The process allows us to rapidly come up with MVP’s (minimum viable prototype/s), each offering a solution to the defined problem.

Research and Synthesis involves designing the right thing ,whereas, Ideation and Implementation is designing things right.





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