Rezaid operates a continuous recruitment programme. Our team is forever expanding, and we’ve come to recognize that there’s never a wrong time to hire quality individuals. Hence, there’s never a wrong time to contact us and tell us about yourself. Whether you’re looking to advance your existing career path or you’re ready to challenge yourself in new areas, drop us a line.

We strive to make the lives of our clients easier and help them achieve success.

We know it’s a cliché but our team really is our most important asset. We understand how challenging life can be and so we continually strive to create a positive work environment that includes the basics like easy to access modern high-tech offices, and a work culture that respects the individual.

Our entire team receives an incentives and rewards package. For our high achievers who regularly go the extra mile we have a policy of awarding additional benefits.

Be certain to include 3 simple things: tell us about yourself, tell us where your passion lies and tell us why. Oh and don’t forget to tell us how to contact you! Write to [email protected]. We make a point of replying to all enquiries and inviting the lucky ones to come and meet our team. It all starts here.

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Finding the right people and giving them challenging roles they aspire to is the recipe for creating a vibrant team. And it’s our team that inspires me.



Tell us about yourself:

[email protected]

*In the subject state your name and the role
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Bespoke Software Design and Development.


  • Manchester Technology Centre, Oxford Road, Manchester. M1 7ED
  • +44 161 327 2955
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