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We provide powerful, high quality
and cost-effective bespoke software
services to SMEs in the UK

We provide quality, custom-built
and affordable software development services
for start-ups through to established businesses


“User Interface (UI) refers to how things look and User Experience (UX) refers to how things work. The science behind the design process is far from simple leading to some suppliers’ ultimate failure.”

Using the industry standard “Double Diamond” approach for designing UI/UX, Rezaid gives User Interface and User Experience utmost importance. Using this holistic approach to design, we develop a complete understanding of customer needs, which helps us to create memorable user experiences.

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Img Prototyping

“Software development is costly, so let’s do it right the first time.”

Digital prototyping stage of software development includes mapping down the subtlest of details of the final product. Here, we turn your approved software designs into a fully working and functional representation of the product before developing the software. This step helps to ensure we design and build the product you want by eliminating errors along the way.

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Img Software Development

Custom-built software that meets your precise needs.

As a business grows, reliance on bespoke software development increases. We develop your software by applying best practices in quality management, agile processes and DevOps. Our software development services cover full spectrum of software development life cycle, using the most applicable technologies for a wide variety of industries.

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Img Software Testing

“Always seek to understand your supplier’s quality assurance processes.”

Quality of software development is directly dependent on quality assurance processes and quality control implemented on the product. At Rezaid, we employ a complete software testing life cycle that begins with requirements analysis and test planning and leads to developing detailed test cases. After execution of test cases using a variety of test types, bugs are tracked and fixed. Test closure and sign-off can only occur when all issues have been catered to.

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Services Digital Marketing

“Rezaid’s Digital Marketing is a long-term route to attracting, winning and retaining new customers.”

From a myriad of marketing options available to choose from today, how should SMEs develop a smart digital marketing strategy that’s guaranteed to increase quality sales enquiries while being cost-effective? The answer is simple. We design and implement jargon-free, bespoke digital marketing strategies, which help to increase our clients’ on-line quality lead enquiries.

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The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.


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Bespoke Software Design and Development.


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